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The Glasgow Coma Scale

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  1. The Glasgow Coma Scale was described in by Graham Teasdale and Bryan Jennett as a way to communicate about the level of consciousness of patients with an acute brain injury. Glasgow Coma Scale The Glasgow Structured Approach to Assessment of the Glasgow Coma Scale.
  2. Feb 03,  · The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) is a tool that healthcare providers use to measure a person's level of consciousness. It is most often used when a person has a traumatic brain injury (TBI). A car accident, fall, or being hit on the head with a hard object can cause a TBI.
  3. Glasgow Coma Scale/Score (GCS) Coma severity based on Eye (4), Verbal (5), and Motor (6) criteria.
  4. Disclaimer: Based on motor responsiveness, verbal performance, and eye opening to appropriate stimuli, the Glascow Coma Scale was designed and should be used to assess the depth and duration coma and impaired consciousness. This scale helps to gauge the impact of a.
  5. May 02,  · The Glasgow coma scale (GCS) is a tool used to assess and calculate a patient’s level of by: 2.
  6. The Glasgow Outcome Scale (GOS) is a brief, one-item descriptive assessment utilized by the treatment team following brain injury. The GOS is helpful in determining next steps in the individual’s care, but is not useful in detecting small, gradual improvements. There are five possible descriptive measures in the GOS.
  7. The Glasgow Coma Scale is based on a point scale for estimating and categorizing the outcomes of brain injury on the basis of overall social capability or dependence on others. The test measures the motor response, verbal response and eye opening response with these values.
  8. Oct 19,  · The Glasgow Coma Scale, which can identify changes to consciousness in traumatic brain injury patients, is a tool that requires nurses to fully understand its purpose and how to use it. Identifying the patients that require scoring is the first step in properly using the scale. When To Use The GCS.

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