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Love Or Infatuation

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  1. “Infatuation is when you find somebody absolutely perfect. Love is when you realize they aren’t perfect and it doesn’t matter ”, Anonymous. So in one corner we have the alluring and intoxicating infatuation, which promises the bliss of rose tinted glasses, butterflies and the passion of puppy love.
  2. The biggest difference between love and infatuation is that infatuation is purely a feeling of excitement and euphoria, whereas love doesn’t necessarily consist of continuous strong emotions. Love is a feeling that happens on a subliminal level and may not always be noticeable.
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  4. The difference between infatuation vs love is that infatuation is a short-lived passion for someone whereas love is a deep affection for someone that lasts the test of time. The problem is that infatuation is a powerful feeling that can make you think you are .
  5. Love and infatuation are both intense emotions that one feels for another person. These feelings are most often confused for each other by many people. But the two feelings differ in their actuality of love, intensity and final outcome. Infatuation is the state of being completely carried away by unreasoning passion or love; addictive love.
  6. Attraction, infatuation, and love are all intense feelings. Learn how to tell which one you are experiencing.
  7. Infatuation is an intense feeling. It happens when you are attracted to a guy’s appearance or attracted to him sexually. Infatuation happens early on and tends to become obsessive. When you’re infatuated, you see him through rose-colored glasses based on who you imagine him to be.
  8. Jul 13,  · To tell the difference between love, infatuation, and lust, start by considering how long you've been involved with the person and what comes to mind when you think of them. Love takes time to develop, so if you just met the person or you haven't spent a lot of time with them, you're probably feeling infatuation or lust%(69).
  9. Mar 13,  · When you have a crush, feelings get magnified by You may have thought they were cute before, but now they're GORGEOUS. Or maybe their jokes that you use to laugh at now leave you on the floor.

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