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  1. Comfortable definition is - affording or enjoying contentment and security. How to use comfortable in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of comfortable.
  2. Comfortable definition, (of clothing, furniture, etc.) producing or affording physical comfort, support, or ease: a comfortable chair; comfortable shoes. See more.
  3. Define comfortable. comfortable synonyms, comfortable pronunciation, comfortable translation, English dictionary definition of comfortable. adj. 1. Providing physical comfort: a comfortable chair. 2. Free from stress or anxiety; at ease: not comfortable about the interview. 3. Producing feelings.
  4. Comfortable also means having enough money for a good standard of living: They’re not rich but I think they’re quite comfortable. In a competition, if you have a comfortable lead over the other .
  5. Some common synonyms of comfortable are cozy, easy, restful, and snug. While all these words mean "enjoying or providing a position of contentment and security," comfortable applies to anything that encourages serenity, well-being, or complacency as well as physical ease. started feeling comfortable in our new surroundings.
  6. It is a well-known fact that all living beings like to be comfortable. There, by the light of a lantern, he and Jud made Andrew as comfortable as possible. They are probably the richest and most comfortable population of Europe at this hour. Truth to tell, Burke was far from comfortable under that survey.
  7. Comfortable Lyrics: Set the tone, when it's just me / And you alone, never lonely / In the room, breathin' slowly / Oh, you know me, yeah / Meditate, you can take me / To a place where we can be / All.
  8. Shoes for work or social gatherings can be comfortable too, as long as you opt for footwear with built-in comfort enhancers. At the office, close-toed shoes with sensible heels guarantee that you can stand comfortably while presenting reports and meeting with clients. When attending weddings or corporate parties, peep-toe or strappy sandals 4/5(K).

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